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About Video Bible Talks Patrons...

Essentially, Patrons are individuals who are personally and financially committed to supporting others who themselves are engaged in good works. 

For those of us in Christian ministry, Gospel Patrons are individuals who enable our ministry to be a reality through their giving of financial resources, skills and expertise, and in prayer.

If you are not familiar with the idea of Patrons of Christian ministry, then we would strongly encourage you to take a look at the excellent Gospel Patrons website. They cover this topic in great detail with faithfulness and clarity.

Video Bible Talks Patrons recognise the value of providing a faithful Word ministry in a high-quality video format available to all without charge. 

And so they partner with us by doing one (or more) of the following…

  • Commit to regularly praying for our ministry.
  • Invest applicable knowledge, skills or experience into our work.
  • Gladly give a significant monthly or annual gift to enable us to continue what we do.

There is more to it than this, but essentially it comes down to this: personally supporting us as we preach and teach God’s Word through our videos.

Becoming a Patron of Video Bible Talks might be for you… but it is not for everyone. You certainly shouldn’t feel obliged or pressured into becoming one. Instead, it should be a natural ‘next step’ that flows out of your love for God and your appreciation our ministry through Video Bible Talks.

If you love the idea of hundreds of people around the world each week receiving faithful Bible preaching and teaching via engaging high quality digital video, and if you are prepared to give generously and sacrificially to enable this work to continue and grow… then it is highly likely that you should consider becoming a Patron of Video Bible Talks!

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