Genesis 12-36: 05 Jacob and the dream

Genesis 28:10-22, 35:1-15

Genesis 12-36: Promises and Blessings

05 | Jacob and the dream

‘Promises and Blessings’ is a six-part series on the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob from Genesis 12-36.

Foundations matter. This is true for buildings, but it is also true for how we build our lives as well. Through his dealings with three men – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – God shows us how life and faith in God has its foundations in his promises and blessings. And this point us to Jesus, the one who fulfils every promise and gives us every blessing.

In this fifth episode, we take a look at the dream of a heavenly staircase that God gave to Jacob to show that he would keep his promises, and how this anticipates Jesus who gives us the blessing of a way back to God.

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