About Video Bible Talks

Who we are and what we are about

Supporting churches with video-based Bible teaching available without charge

  • A Bible ministry
    Allowing God to speak what he has said to us through his Word.
  • Designed to serve and support churches
    Helping pastors/ministers, volunteer leaders and the people in their various ministries.
  • Available without charge
    Every video and accompanying leader guide is available to watch online or download for free from theĀ videobibletalks.com website.

Each Bible teaching video is 10-15 minutesĀ long and includes accompanying leader guidesĀ for follow up discussions. The videos can be used in a wide variety of contexts, including in youth groups, small groups and other church ministries.

Video Bible Talks is aĀ UK Registered Charity, number 1181337.

Free to use... but not free to make

If you have benefited from the work of Video Bible Talks, or if you think this work is a worthwhile and much-needed resource for youth groups and small groups around the world, then please consider adding your support.

Every video we make is available without cost, but each video costs between Ā£2,000 and Ā£3,000 to make. 

We trust that our videos are a blessing to you and the people in your ministry. As such, we ask you to consider your relationship with us, and act accordingly…

  • If you are a Beneficiary…
    You do not have the means to give financially but instead are benefiting from the sacrificial generosity of others. If this is you then please give thanks for those who have donated funds to this work for your sake, and please pray that more people would give to support what we do in the future.
  • If you are a Contributor…
    You only have sufficient funds to give a one-off contribution to Video Bible Talks. If this is you, then thank you for supporting us in this way, and please consider making future contributions each time you view or download one of our videos.
  • If you are a Supporter…
    You have committed to supporting Video Bible Talks with regular donations and/or a significant lump sum gift. If this is you, then please accept our thanks for the vital support you give, and please know that literally thousands of people around the world have been blessed and served by your gift through the work of Video Bible Talks.

To make a donation or sign-up as a regular supporter, simply click the link below…