The Bible teacher in your living room

Chances are most of us reading this blog post have a Bible teacher living in our front rooms. Most of the time, we put them to use in just merely entertaining us, keeping us to date with the latest news from around the world, and other relatively inconsequential things like that.

‘What on earth are you talking about?’, I hear you ask.

The Bible teacher I am talking about is actually your TV.

Your TV can be an effective and faithful Bible teacher

Most church youth groups in the UK and possibly other countries around the world are made up of between five and ten teenagers who typically gather once a week for some form of Bible study1. Such groups are often led by volunteer leaders who do not have a lot of time and/or experience to prepare Bible talks and so are left scrabbling for whatever resources they can find online or purchase from their favourite Christian publisher. Perhaps they secretly wish that the church could afford to have a full-time youth minister like the church in the neighbouring town or village.

These faithful and invaluable leaders do a fantastic job of spending time with the young people in their care. Second to their parents, no one is better placed to disciple these young people than they are. The only thing that their ministry to young people lacks is a full-time Bible teacher in their group each week.

This is where the humble TV comes in.

One of the key ideas behind Video Bible Talks is effectively turning our household TVs into faithful Bible teachers who can preach and teach God’s Word in the youth groups and small groups that meet in our homes.

Each Video Bible Talk video is presented by a full-time youth minister who takes care of the work of proclaiming God’s Word in our groups and includes a leader guide as a starting point for volunteer leaders to finish off the work that the video has begun by applying God’s Word to the hearts and lives of the young people in their care.

If you are a volunteer youth group leader looking for or in need of faithful Bible teaching resources, why don’t you take a look at the growing range of Video Bible Talks videos… and put your TV to work as a Bible teacher in your youth group.

1. Based on figures from the 2005 English Church Census and the observation that youth group attendance is typically 10% of the overall church attendance (see Sustainable Youth Ministr by Mark DeVries (IVP, 2008), p37).

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